Peaceful Protest Helmet



A Peaceful Protest Helmet provides a protester with a little extra protection while also letting law enforcement, and other protesters, know that they are being recorded or live broadcast. This encourages everyone to be on their best behavior. Furthermore, the helmet lets others know that the protester is concerned for their own safety and is protesting peacefully.

When it comes to police brutality, especially towards people of color, there certainly are quite a few bad cops. However, bad cops aren’t at the root of the problem. The outcome of the Stanford Prison Experiment shows how seemingly normal people will, more often than not, behave in very corrupt ways when they are given way too much power. Unfortunately, police departments are in no rush to give up some of their power by equipping officers with tamper-proof bodycams. Also, politicians don’t seem to feel the need to mandate the use of bodycams, for all law enforcement personnel. The cameras currently being marketed to police departments allow the officer to turn the camera on and off, at will. That’s not true oversight.

Another important issue worth noting is potential violence from protesters, or counter-protesters, towards police or other protesters. These helmets can act as a deterrent for such cases, as well. I’m of the opinion that the more cameras, when it comes to police officers, the better for all parties involved. Usually, by the time that someone pulls a phone out of their pocket to videotape police brutality, or any other form of violence, it’s already happening. These helmets are designed to deter such violence from happening, in the first place. It is, however, important that we remember that not all cops are bad cops and that violence against police officers is just as bad as police brutality.

These helmets all have cameras or phones attached to them. The first helmet that I completed has a side-mounted action cam. I soon decided that having the camera at an elevated position would be more advantageous. Two of the helmets have a battery/phone shelf that is bolted to the top of the helmet, for the sake of storing a battery charger (for the phone, or action cam), and for easy mounting of a phone or action cam, at an elevated height. These 10 helmets are the product of research and development, and therefore, each one is significantly different from the others. Some are more effective designs than others. The first image, on this page, depicts the first 9 completed helmets. The second image depicts the 10th Peaceful Protest Helmet (which was on display at CICA Museum).